32 sewing gifts for kids

Get inspired to make one of these fun sewing gifts for kids. These sewing projects are useful and the character fabric can make them so special.

Kids are so much fun to sew. They like bright colors and prints. You can use less fabric and use all the fun character fabric you don't usually use.

I've put together a list of all the fun things you can sew for kids that make really awesome kids. They are useful and fun. Some things will fit in a stocking, and others are big enough to be their own gift. Which is your favorite?

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern designed on a computer and organized so that it can be printed on several sheets of letter or A4 size paper.

I love using PDF sewing patterns because if the pattern gets damaged or my kids or I have changed sizes, I can always print it again. It will never be destroyed since I have a digital version!

Free slipper sewing pattern for kids

How to use a PDF sewing pattern?

Open the PDF on a computer and click Print. When printing, make sure the scaling is set to 100% or no scaling so that the design prints at the correct size.

Once the design is printed, it can be glued together to achieve its actual size. Then the pattern can be cut out for each size piece of the pattern or individual sizes can be traced so that the pattern can be used again and again. Learn how to use PDF sewing patterns.

Free Kids Dress Pattern

Try one of these great sewing projects:

If you make anything using this sewing project, I'd love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and identify me!

sewing gifts for kids

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