20 things women do that men can’t stand, according to men

Have you ever heard another person sneeze to such an embarrassing level that, for some reason, it suddenly seems unattractive or instantly off-putting? We're talking about the ick, and getting rid of it can be quite a challenge once the ick takes hold.

Simply put, an ick is something that makes you very uncomfortable or at least slightly disturbed in the context of romantic interest. This can include various behaviors or activities that arouse feelings so uncomfortable that they can actually deter someone from becoming a potential partner.

Let's explore the uncharted territory of what makes men disgusted. This list explores some of their biggest turn-offs, shared by men on an online forum, from overconfidence to silly voices.

Poor hygiene

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Poor hygiene is a huge problem. Not only is this quite disgusting, but it shows a serious lack of self-respect.


Woman feeling strong
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Overconfidence can result in a lack of humility and arrogance. Excessive self-confidence is unattractive, especially if the offender cannot recognize his faults or listen to others. Overconfidence can be incredibly off-putting and irritating in social interactions.

Acrylic nails

Hands with long manicured artificial nails colored with pink nail polish
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Most men hate the look of anything fake, like acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are impractical and unattractive, not only because of their unnatural look and excessive maintenance, but also because of the annoying noise they make when typing.

Lying about how they feel

Couple at home after an argument.  Sad depressed woman sitting on sofa
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Lying about how someone else feels is very off-putting. It is unreasonable to expect someone to decipher a riddle to understand the feelings of others. This disgust is arguably justified, as dishonesty about feelings indicates poor communication and a lack of emotional maturity.

baby voice

Young Arab man suffering from headache or migraine after waking up in the morning, sitting on his bed.  Stressed man with painful face expression feeling terrible hangover
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Baby voices aren't cute. Honestly, most men find it downright boring and even a little scary.

mean girls

Angry woman shouting at her scared husband on the beach
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There is nothing attractive about someone being mean or rude. No matter who it's for, being mean is never attractive.

Hair gets stuck in the drains

Dirty hair falls out and gets stuck in the bathroom drain hole
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Cleaning someone else's hair down the drain is a major turn-off for everyone, not just men.

Lack of empathy

Angry couple talking in emotional conflict, arguing, shouting.  Worried and annoyed husband and wife arguing, discussing problems, divorce, abuse, breakup, going through relationship crisis
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Making fun of someone for being emotional will never be funny, and emasculating men who show their feelings demonstrates how out of touch that person is. It’s 2024; everyone can express their emotions, and ridiculing anyone for it shows a serious lack of empathy.

Birthday makeup

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For those who don't know, birthday makeup refers to when women wear a glamorous look or when someone wears too much poorly applied makeup, usually for a birthday or special event.

Excessive false eyelashes

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Excessive eyelashes are very off-putting because they distract from the natural beauty of the face.

‘Duck Face'

Happy friends making funny faces at the bar
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A big problem for men is that weird, awkward pout that women do for selfies or whenever there's a camera on the scene. It’s 2024; Duckface hasn't been cool in over a decade. Arguably, it wasn't cool ten years ago either.


A young woman wipes her face with a green towel after washing in the bathroom
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Leaving a pile of used, damp towels with someone else is bad enough, but when they're used to wipe off makeup, it's much more troubling, especially when it leaves behind black and brown stains.

Fake tan

Pretty happy young woman in white t-shirt, flying hair, enjoying free time at sunset outdoors
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Too much fake tan is really gross. Especially when the person applying it lives in a place where they obviously wouldn't have received a natural level of sunlight. It looks so fake. Not to mention the horrors of sheets stained with fake orange beige.

Pick me girls

Doubting unsatisfied man looking at woman, bad first date concept, young couple sitting at table in cafe, talking, bad first impression, new acquaintance in public place, unpleasant conversation
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Not only is there “ick” embedded in the sentence, but the “pick me girl” is a huge turn-off. Pick's girls seek constant validation from me by adopting strange and “offbeat” traits that make them “not like other girls.” Frankly, it often comes across as superficial and desperate.

Toxic “oddities”

Confused young woman gesturing with hand and looking at her boyfriend
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Often associated with “pick me girls,” trying to make a toxic trait cute/quirky is really off-putting. Calling it “toxic” is neither cute nor elegant. There will always be a big difference between being respectfully candid and just being rude.

Excessive texting

    Angry millennial man feels outraged by smartphone app not working properly, poor wifi signal
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Men hate excessive texting. Although communication is good, constantly sending messages or having to report back is just annoying.

Refuse to apologize

Black-skinned man begging
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Not taking responsibility is a huge problem and shows immaturity.

If the significant other has messed up or simply upset someone, refusing to apologize or admit fault is a very unattractive trait.

Test your loyalty

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Intentionally setting traps to test loyalty is an immediate problem and, to be honest, a major red flag.

Not only does this destroy any sense of trust, but it strongly implies that the person doing it is not fit to be in a relationship at that time. They may have been lied to or cheated on in past relationships, but they shouldn't spend the rest of their lives trying to prove that all men are liars.

It's a waste of everyone's time.

Mention their ex

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Raising your ex is a huge problem.

Men don't want to know about past relationships. It's an instant mood killer and makes it seem like they're not done with them.

Occasional hate

Stressed young married couple arguing emotionally, blaming each other, sitting on sofa.  Depressed husband arguing with wife, having serious communication problems.
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It's really disgusting when someone is so negative about everything and gets upset over the most insignificant things. Throwing unnecessary shade or mean-spirited comments is a real turn-off for both men and women!

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