19 Best Embroidery Machines

5 Best Embroidery Machines

If you’re looking to get into embroidering, then a general sewing machine won’t cut it. You would need a machine designed specifically for embroidering, or at least a combination of both sewing and embroidering.

You would be surprised at what you could create with the right embroidery machine. Embroidering can certainly be much more challenging than sewing, but with a great machine made with the needs of embroiders in mind would make it much easier, fun and exciting.

So without further, let’s find out what the best embroidery machines on the market have to offer.

Best Embroidery Machines

1. Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Product Image

First things first, let us tell you that there’s a lot of misinformation about this embroidery machine. It has got a fair few negative reviews, but most of them have nothing to do with the machine, and are more about errors in the way it is set up.

Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge to get used to this machine, as it does have a learning curve, but once you do take the time to understand how it works and learn to use it properly, you WILL be able to embroider like you may have never imagined.

This is a beast of an embroidery machine and one of the most long-lasting ones you will ever come across. A customer mentioned how they have put 4 million stitches on this machine and it still works great.

It’s a really advanced embroidery machine and offers a ton of value, so it’s actually not as expensive as it might seem initially. The Grand Slam package that consists of 64 embroidery threads should easily be worth a few hundred dollars.

Then there are prewound bobbins, cap hoop, stabilizer, sock hoop, scissors, and 15000 embroidery designs. No matter how advanced the embroidery projects you’re working on are, you likely wouldn’t need to get anything and would be able to get started with it right away after getting this machine.

If you compare embroidery machines, you will find this to be much reliable, as you will run into far less hiccups than most other options you will find on the market.

Being the best embroidery machine it can also handle a lot of heavy duty stuff, so if you’re a professional embroider or plan to become one, this thing would turn out to be your best bet, as the many other embroidery machine reviews it got suggest.

Finally, a few of the other features you would be pleased with include:

  • Built-in USB flash drive port that would take a lot of hassle out of professional embroidering
  • You don’t need any additional software for transferring designs as you do with other machines
  • A large embroidery fields that make creating big designs a breeze, which could otherwise be very challenging
  • Large LCD touchscreen display that’s both responsive and easy to use
  • 6 different letting fonts and the ability to create your own new designs

What We Like About It?

The advanced features and the huge amount of value it offers is what we really like about it. It makes professional embroidering much easier than it actually is, and offers a huge variety of embroidery designs along with the ability to create your own ones as well.

As all those Brother embroidery machine reviews for this machine clearly mention, this is one of the best embroidery machines money can buy.

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2. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Product Image

If you’re wondering what is the best embroidery machine that you can buy on a budget, then the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 has to be it. The very first thing we would like to discuss in this embroidery machine review is the kind of power the Stylist 9960 brings to the table.

A customer mentioned in their review how they were able to sew through 4 layers of vinyl, which is a very heavy embroidery and sewing fabric. They have also used it to sew through different layers of heavy fabrics along with a heavy weight stabilizer, which does mean that you get a ton of sewing power with the Stylist 9960.

You would likely also be pleased with all the different pressure feet you get with this machine, which would make things easier for you while offering a lot of versatility.

Talking about versatility, you get a great number of stitches for different purposes, and there are also different fonts that you can use for different projects.

The automatic needle threader would take care of one of the most challenging tasks when embroidering or sewing, which is threading the machine. And it would do that real fast.

Some other technical features include:

  • 600 built-in stitches and 5 alphanumeric fonts
  • 13 different buttonholes
  • Very fast with a speed of 850 stitches per minute
  • Has an extension table for bigger projects
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Very durable

What We Like About It?

You get pretty much everything you would with a high-end embroidery machine, but for a fraction of the price with the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960. And as we mentioned in the Brother embroidery machines review – and what the many other embroidery sewing machine reviews it got talk about – the wide selection of stitches and availability of many different design stitches make it a great option for those that are after a very functional embroidery machine that they can buy without breaking the bank.

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3. Janome MB-4S Commercial 4 Needle Embroidery Machine

Janome MB-4S Commercial 4 Needle Embroidery Machine Product Image

It just can’t get any better than this! The Janome MB-4S 4 Needle Commercial is the ultimate embroidery powerhouse that anyone into serious professional embroidery work would absolutely love working with.

However, it doesn’t come cheap, which is why you don’t see it at the top. It’s not something those doing embroidery work as a hobby or even on a small scale professionally would be able to afford.

That said, if you CAN afford this machine and have a large scale business based on embroidery work, then it would probably be a mistake to not consider the MB-4S Commercial as your new embroidery partner.

It has a remote control screen that allows you to work with over 65,000 colors. The same remote control screen can be used to power many different machines, which makes it so much economical and convenient for large businesses managing multiple machines.

There’s a LED light for getting the most accurate results with your embroidery projects as you can. However, something that would make things so much more convenient for you is the automatic thread cutter, which can cut jump threads automatically even between letters, which can otherwise be very time-consuming.

The dedicated bobbin winding motor can wind new bobbins for you even when the machine is doing its thing, which is a feature you would likely not find in other professional machines as well. It would really make a difference when it comes to the effectiveness of your embroidery work process.

There’s another feature that allows you to use the machine without the controller, and comes with a decent amount of memory that lets you store up to 1.5 million stitches.

Finally, the “4 Needle” refers to the fact that Janome claims to have quadrupled what they offer with some of their finest embroidery machines with this one.

What We Like About it?

The fact that it really makes professional, heavy-duty embroidery work much more convenient, efficient and easy is definitely its biggest highlighting features. This is especially given that professional embroidery work can be very time-consuming and complicated, but it would be much better with the MB-4S Commercial.

It hasn’t received any reviews yet due to its hefty price tag, but you can be sure that it’s the best embroidery machine you can buy if you don’t care about the price.

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4. Brother SE600 Home Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600 Product Image

If you’re looking for the best home embroidery machine that’s actually also the best sewing and embroidery machine combo, then the Brother SE600 will hit the spot perfectly for you.

It has a large 37” color touchscreen display, which would make the usual sewing and embroidery considerably more involving and even fun. This actually also makes it a great sewing machine for kids, especially if they have got familiar with sewing and now you want to introduce them to embroidering.

It comes with a 4” x 4” embroidery field, which isn’t very large by any means, but will serve you well all the same if you’re not into professional embroidering. You would also have a hoop, embroidery arm and foot along with the field.

There are also some advanced embroidery features such as different thread colors, the ability to move the designs around on the screen, as well as being able to create letters on arcs.

Similarly, the SE600 supports importing your own embroidery designs, which you can do so using the built-in USB port. There are also over a 100 stitches that include auto-sized buttons as well.

These all combine to offer a very functional embroidery setup for you, and that’s without getting into the fact that the SE600 could very turn out to be the best sewing and embroidery machine for those that are into both sewing and embroidering and wouldn’t like to have a significant compromise on any of them.

What We Like About It?

There’s one thing all the sewing embroidery machine reviews it got clearly do. They explain well how the Brother SE600 manages to have some serious sewing might but while also being a pretty good embroidery machine at the same time.

It’s also a sewing machine that embroiders names easily, which is again quite rare for a machine that comes with no compromise on the sewing front.

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5. Brother PE550D Affordable Embroidery Machine

Brother PE550D Product Image

The Brother PE550D is one of the more affordable embroidery machines that doesn’t compromise on the functionality.

It comes with a 4” x 4” embroidery field, which would be enough for most embroiders that aren’t into large-scale professional embroidering. You would also have 125 built-in designs, including 45 unique built-in Disney designs.

However, if you want to do an embroidery machine comparison, you will find that it compares very well to some of the much more expensive embroidery machines, as it too allows you to import your own designs.

And as you can tell from all the Brother embroidery machine reviews it has received, its 3.2” LCD display is very impressive; it’s a color touchscreen display and allows you to get a very accurate idea of the designs before you start working on them.

It also has some fairly advanced features that you may not expect at this price point, making it the best Brother embroidery machine for those on a budget.

These features include:

  • An editing feature that allows you to resize, move and edit the design in different ways before you start working on it
  • You would also be able to arch letters on it as well as make two-line prints on your work, which is again something hard to come by in this price range

Finally, let us tell you that while it’s not the fastest embroidery machine out there, it’s very functional with things like the estimated time for your projects, a list of needed colors and other useful information being displayed on the screen.

Store pens, pencils, scissors and anything else in style!

So while you don’t get a lot of speed as you do with some of the more advanced, expensive machines, you do get a much better level of ease of use which users new to embroidering will certainly appreciate.

What We Like About It?

Most of the embroidery machines reviews the PE550D has gotten talk about how easy it is to use it right out of the box. The level of functionality you get is great for the price, and coupled with the ease of use, you can safely conclude that it’s one of the top embroidery machines priced well under $500.

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6. Brother PE500 4×4 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE500 4x4 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE500 features 70 built-in embroidery designs and five fonts for monogramming. It can also connect to your computer to download thousands of patterns. This machine can be used to embroidery any weight of material, from silk to denim.

  • computer connectivity
  • 4×4 inch embroidery area
  • back lit touch LCD screen

7. Brother PE800 Sewing Machine

Brother PE8000

The Brother PE800 has 138 built-in patterns and 11 fonts. A USB ports allows you to import your own embroidery designs. A large color touch screen allows you to preview your design before creating it.

  • USB port
  • large color touchscreen
  • 5×7 inch embroidery field

8. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE535 comes with eighty built in designs and nine fonts. The USB port allows you to import your own designs. The LCD color touch screen also allows for preview of designs before sewing them.

  • USB port
  • large color touchscreen
  • 4×4 inch embroidery field

9. Brother SE1900 Sewing Embroidery

Brother SE1900 Sewing Embroidery

The Brother SE1900 features 138 built-in patterns, 11 embroidery fonts for monogramming, and 240 built-in stitch types. The large LCD touchscreen display allows you to preview and edit designs. It also features a 5 inch by 7 inch embroidery field for large designs.

  • 138 built-in designs
  • advanced needle threader
  • drop-in top bobbin

10. Singer Superb EM200 Embroidery Sewing Machine

Singer Superb EM200 Embroidery Sewing Machine

The Singer Superb EM200 has 200 built-in designs and six alphabet options. A large LCD screen allows for easy adjustment of embroidery patterns. A USB port allows you to easily import and save embroidery designs.

  • automatic needle threader
  • 3 LED lights
  • USB port

12. Singer XL-420 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Singer XL-420 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Singer XL-420 comes programmed with 200 built-in designs. Designs can also be imported from your computer view the USB port. An extra-large sewing space accommodates your largest projects.

  • 6.75 by 4 inch embroidery field
  • small and large hoop included
  • USB port

14. Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

The Janome Memory Craft 400E comes programmed with 160 built-in designs, 6 fonts for monogramming, and 2 and 3 letter monogramming functions. It offers flexibility while embroidering with adjustable speed and flexible stitch travelling by 1, 10 or 100 units. A built-in needle threader and easy loading bobbin system allow for quick set-up.

  • top loading full rotary hook bobbin
  • USB port
  • adjustable speed

15. EverSewn Sparrow X Embroidery Machine

EverSewn Sparrow X Embroidery Machine

The EverSewn Sparrow X includes built-in wifi and an app which can be downloaded onto your smart device so that you can edit patterns on your device. Over 100 embroidery designs are programmed into the machine. A built-in thread cutter and speed control make designs easy to execute.

  • embroidery area of 4.75 by 5 inches
  • built-in wifi
  • connected app for editing patterns

16. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 combination embroidery and sewing machine can connect to your computer for importation and editing of embroidery patterns. Any extra-large sewing area facilitates work on large projects. The linear motion embroidery system allows for professional-looking results.

  • advanced PC connection
  • large sewing area
  • stitch composer

17. Bernette 340 Deco Swiss Design Embroidery Machine

Bernette 340 Deco Swiss Design Embroidery Machine

The Bernette 340 Deco has 100 built-in embroidery motifs with editing possibilities to easily customize embroidery designs. A large work area and free arm gives access to hard to reach areas, like cuffs and collars. It is capable of sewing at up to 750 stitches per minute.

  • tear-away stabilizer
  • drag and drop positioning
  • free arm

19. Janome Memory Craft 230E Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 230E Embroidery Machine

The Janome Memory Craft 230E has 73 built-in embroidery patterns and three fonts for monogramming in three different sizes. Using the LCD screen, you can increase or decrease design size easily. A USB port allows for importing designs onto the machine.

  • USB port
  • 5.5 by 5.5 inch embroidery field
  • manual tension adjustment

How We Did Our Embroidery Machine Reviews

Well, regardless of whether we are reviewing cheap sewing essentials or an expansive overlocker sewing machine, everything we mention is backed by solid research. And we have followed the same approach for choosing the best embroidery machine, or even the best embroidery sewing machine for that matter.

We consider the kind of features the machine comes with, the number of built-in designs as well as the ability to add your own designs, how powerful the machine is, the quality of work it helps you do, and more. It’s important to note that these factors would differ quite a bit if you want to buy a different kind of machine, such as say a mechanical sewing machine.

And of course, the price is another important factor, as setting up a sewing room for sewing and embroidering can be expensive, and not many may afford a very expensive machine, no matter the kind of sewing and embroidery machine reviews it may have gotten.

However, we also have an expensive, high-end embroidery machine on our list, but that’s for those that are into large-scale professional embroidering and wouldn’t want to settle for anything that doesn’t serve their professional needs well. On a side note, if you’re into professional embroidering but struggle a bit with professional level sewing, then our sewing help might help you get better at it.

And while we are at it, let us mention that we also have a pretty in-depth guide on starting an embroidery project here.

Different Types of Embroidery Machines

There aren’t exactly different types of embroidery machines. In fact, there aren’t any of them that differ a lot from one another, but some of them do offer a different level of functionality. If you’re looking for a beginner embroidery machine, pay special attention.

While some of them are almost entirely an embroidery machine, some others are more of a combination of a sewing and embroidery machine. You must remember that choosing an embroidery machine is fairly different than choosing something like a chainstitch sewing machine or a coverstitch sewing machine.

You also may not find the kind of variety you would when buying a computerized sewing machine, or even the many different types of sewing tools. However, if you go through the reviews of all the embroidery machines we have reviewed above, you may find at least one that fits your needs exceptionally well.

Similarly, just like how the case is with a Brother sewing machine or a Janome sewing machine, there are many different Brother and Janome embroidery machines as well. So apart from the different brands and the different levels of functionality, there aren’t really different types of embroidery machines out there.

Why You Need an Embroidery Machine?

Just having a great sewing chair or a very functional and advanced sewing desk wouldn’t cut it when it comes to the success of your embroidery projects. As quilters understand they need a great sewing machine for quilting to get the best results out of their quilting projects, even embroiders would need the best embroidery machine to be able to create stunning embroideries.

The right embroidery machine would offer you a lot of versatility with respect to the type of projects you can work on. It would come with many different built-in designs, as well as allow you to add your own.

It would also be very functional, making it easy for you to stay on top of the project and getting the kind of results you’re after. You may not find it to be a problem to work on large embroidery projects as well.

A great embroidery machine would also work very efficiently, helping you save time and letting you crank out more embroidery projects than you would be able to using a mediocre machine.

People that bought the machines we have reviewed as the best options also tell how impressed they are with their ease of use, which makes it easy to operate the machine for them and make the otherwise complicated process of embroidering surprisingly easy. Check out our best embroidery book reviews.

Best Brother Embroidery Machine For Home Business

If you’re looking to start a home business and delve into the world of embroidery, finding the best embroidery machine is crucial. One option to consider is the Brother PE535, an excellent embroidery machine for beginners and those on a budget.

With its affordable price tag, this machine certainly falls under the category of best cheap embroidery machines available on the market today.

The Brother PE535 offers a range of features that make it ideal for home businesses. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls allow beginners to easily navigate through the embroidery process.

Additionally, this machine boasts a wide variety of built-in designs and fonts, providing ample creative options for your home business endeavors.

Under the $1000 price point, the Brother PE535 stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. Its excellent stitching quality ensures professional results, while its robust build guarantees durability.

Whether you’re working on garments, accessories, or home decor items, this machine is capable of handling various embroidery projects with ease.

Investing in the best embroidery machine for your home business is a decision that can greatly impact your productivity and success. The Brother PE535 not only aligns with a budget-friendly price range but also delivers on all fronts, making it a top contender among its competitors.

So, if you’re ready to take your home embroidery business to the next level, the Brother PE535 is an exceptional choice that you won’t regret.

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