15 Vintage Sewing Patterns Inspired by 1940s Movie Stars

Do you recognize any of these movie stars from the 1940s? Hollywood Pattern Company has released many sewing patterns inspired by popular Hollywood actresses. These vintage sewing patterns are now very valuable and collectible.

Cover images of rare and out-of-print sewing patterns in this article were obtained with permission from So Vintage Patterns.

Marjorie Woodworth Elegant Evening Dress

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Hollywood Pattern 1059 was a beautiful evening dress with a sweetheart neckline, 2 different lengths, fitted belt and featured 1040s film star Marjorie Woodworth.

Betty Grable Double-Breasted Dress Pattern

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Hollywood movie star Betty Grable put her name to an elegant double-breasted dress with a tied waist. It's Hollywood Patterns 472.

Betty Grable Two-Piece Suit Pattern

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Betty Grable continues to inspire us with her 2-piece suit pattern. Hollywood Patterns 718 is a skirt with box pleats and a well-fitted top.

Pricilla Lane Inspired Everyday Dress

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Hollywood 577 showed women how to look glamorous in everyday dresses. This model featured Warner Bros. starlet Priscilla Lane.

Stunning evening or nightgown design featuring Ellen Drew

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

The beautiful Hollywood Patterns 776 was used to make a sensual nightgown or evening dress. It starred Paramount starlet Ellen Drew.

Wartime Costume Pattern with Wendy Barrie

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Women of the 1940s who went to work during the war could also look glamorous, wearing the Hollywood 850 design featuring Wendy Barrie.

Vintage 1940s Blouse and Top Pattern Featuring Renee Haal

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Hollywood Patterns 1372 was for a nicely fitted top and apron skirt. A versatile model for clothes to wear at home or at work.

Priscilla Lane Flash-Forward to 1980s Costume

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Wouldn't you think this shoulder pad jacket and high-waisted shorts style comes from the 1980s? Make no mistake: Hollywood Patterns 655 with Priscilla Lane on the cover came out in the 1940s.

Perky costume with movie star Agnes Moorehead

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Hollywood Patterns 1143 is a knee length skirt with a long or short sleeve jacket. The red and white pinstriped costume on the cover is just adorable.

Virginia Field Custom Blouse Pattern

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

The Hollywood 1447 fitted blouse pattern can be a tucked in top with long sleeves. More interesting is the sleeved version with drawstring at the waist! Movie star Virginia Field is on the cover.

Fabulous Wendie Barrie dress and cape

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

Hollywood Patterns 664 Dress and Cape Pattern proves that the '40s were fabulous. I love the coordinating collar of the cape that matches the dress. The gathered waist is an elegant detail.

Priscilla Lane glamorous dress

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

There are so many glamorous details on this dress that I have to highlight: the fitted waist with a tie belt, the statement pockets and the contrast collar are just a few. Hollywood Patterns 1963 features Warner Bros. starlet Priscilla Lane.

Ann Shirley Sharp Looking Dress Pattern

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

I can't help but point out how the darts on the bodice of this dress lead into the eye-catching pockets. Hollywood Patterns 1948 with Ann Shirley must have been a success, especially in plaid!

Betty Grable Elegant Evening Dress Pattern

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

My favorite view is the elegant full-length dress in Hollywood Patterns 606. The fitted waist and circular knee-length skirt are reminiscent of modern skater dresses.

Simplicity Evening Dress Pattern 1770

Photo credit: sovintagepatterns.com

This elegant dress with a belted waist is one I would definitely wear, but my favorite part of the pattern cover is Betty Grable's sophisticated “I don't care” look! Find it at Hollywood Patterns 763.

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