12 Stunning Mantel Remodels

Take inspiration from these stunning remodeled coats to create your own unique winter coat. You can make a beautiful coat from another coat or a completely different fabric!

This article is full of tutorials and coats you can buy, remodel and upcycle. You'll never guess all the elements that make up these magnificent reinvented coats.

What is remodeling?

To remodel is to shape clothes again or differently. I usually use this to describe when I sew clothes to fit differently or to have a different look, but the majority of the item remains the same.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling involves reusing a material to create something better than the original. I generally use this to describe when I'm sewing adult clothing into children's clothing or when I'm sewing clothing into an accessory or home item.

Refashion Hudson's Bay Wool Coat // heatherhandmade.com

Do you like remodeling? Check out these lists of redesign ideas! There is something for every taste !

coat redesign

If you make anything using this sewing project, I'd love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and identify me!

coat redesign

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