10 Sewing Projects for a Well-Organized Car

No matter what type of car you have, you can sew an organizer to make your car neater and easier to find what you need. Whether you're trying to pick up trash, organize travel essentials, or keep your purse off the ground, there's a free sewing pattern to help you.

Say goodbye to a messy car!

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It is simply appalling how little car designers care about our ability to organize things in our cars! Upgrade your car and road trips with these fun sewing ideas.

DIY car trash can

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This ingenious DIY car trash can contains a removable plastic bag. This way the trash can you made stays clean. Say goodbye to waste on the floor of your car!

Car Visor Organizer

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The DIY Car Visor Organizer features a zippered pocket, card slots, a vinyl pocket for items you don't want to lose, a sunglasses holder, and more. Put away all your belongings.

A miracle cart

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If you're all interested and looking for a luxury organizer, try this amazing Miracle Caddy, featuring sturdy handles and exterior pockets all around. You will have a place for everything you need during your trip.

Car Diddy Bag

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Let me introduce you to the Car Diddy Bag. This chic little organizer is here to make your life easier; believe me, it will! You can use the larger opening for trash, cords or snacks while keeping your phone and pens in the two exterior pockets. There's even a hidden zippered pocket to store some emergency cash or a credit card.

Mesh Car Organizer

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Get super organized with my Mesh Car Organizer. It will help keep your purse or bag off the ground and out of the way, and there are also pockets for your phone, glasses or other items.

The Pocket Pod basket

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The Pocket Pod basket can be used as a car trash can (with or without a plastic bag) or as a tote to help organize small items in your car. Instead of a long strap like the Car Diddy Bag, it features a shorter loop that you can hang on a purse hook. There are pockets that you can place outside or inside the basket.

Hanging pockets

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Let the kids watch an iPad while you drive with these hanging pockets. There is room in the pocket below for children's books, coloring items or snacks.

Fabric storage bin

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For the back of the car, sew a fabric storage bin with a vinyl window to see what's inside. This is perfect for holding all the items you need to keep in the back of the car, but don't want to make a mess.

A-frame organizer

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The A-Frame organizer is a practical case with pockets on the exterior and interior. There are cut-out handles to make it easy to grab and go!

Sturdy collapsible baskets

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A lidded bin may not be suitable for the back of your car, so what about a sturdy fabric bin? These sturdy collapsible baskets are the same size as Ikea lockers, so they can hold a lot of things.

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